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Why Smart Parking Leads To Smarter Cities

By November 16, 2021Blog

For many people, parking in the city can be stressful. Whether it’s due to limited parking spots or rush-hour traffic build up, both of these factors combined can create bottlenecks and frustration among parkers. For fast-growing cities, it’s essential for parking operators to create systems that make parking more efficient, seamless, and easier to comply with. With the help of cloud-based parking tools, cities across North America can transform their parking facilities into a smarter, more innovative operation and ongoing revenue source. Here are some of the ways smarter parking tools improve parking in your city:

Easy Access with Automatic Entry 

Nothing says smarter parking than being able to wave yourself into a parking spot. With automated parking software, parkers can signal the system to allow entry into a gated parking lot without having to touch a single button. Smarter parking tools make it possible for parkers to gain access to private lots – residential or employee parking – by simply obtaining a digital permit, scanning a barcode or using an app on their mobile phone. This is a proactive way to prioritize safety, security, and cleanliness in a given lot by only granting access to authorized vehicles in a contactless way.

License Plate Recognition (LPR)

LPR offers a more efficient and contactless experience for both parkers and enforcement officers. Given the high volume of vehicles in any city, LPR accelerates the enforcement process by limiting the paperwork and allowing officers to simply scan license plates, record violations and issue tickets, all through a handheld device. Fixed LPR cameras also speeds up parking for visitors by automatically identifying authorized vehicles and permit holders, and granting them instant access.

Convenient & Contactless Payment

Consumers worldwide are starting to opt for “tap-and-go” payment methods as an easier, more convenient way to make purchases. That said, many businesses have chosen to limit their transaction methods to contactless and digital formats. Parking software makes it possible for visitors to simply tap their card to pay, without having to touch any keypads or buttons. This makes it easier to comply with parking rules and reduces the risk of loss and/or theft for parking operators across the city. 

With innovative cloud-based parking tools, cities across the globe have the opportunity to create foundational parking systems, prioritize security, improve traffic, and generate revenue growth. At Roker, our cloud-based parking platform can help you achieve all of the above, by harnessing the power of smart technology to improve the overall parking experience. To learn more, contact us today

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