ROKER Acquires SecurePark Technologies for a Robust End-to-End Parking Management.

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Finding Everyone’s Smart Urban Space Is Our Goal

Space where Individuals find Simplified Parking

With Roker Mobile App – the digital marketplace for individual parking space owners and city commuters to List, Find, and Book their Parking Space.

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Space for Entities to usher Smart Mobility

With Roker PLUS for city authorities, institutions, and commercial entities, automating parking, permits, compliances & citations, enforcement, and secure payments.

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Roker – One Window To The Future Of Urban Mobility

Multiple micro-mobility solutions today are standalone in nature – be it in payments, parking, tokenization, enforcements, etc.

Roker brings an End-to-end integrated mobility platform for Parking Management that will converge with smart city initiatives across the globe. Allowing Parking Asset Owners and Individuals to collaborate, Monetize and Consume Parking Space – it’s One Window for Urban Mobility.

Parking Management

efficient, connected, secured, an all in one ecosystem.


of listing and transactions for use of parking spots by entities & individual owners.

Real-time Actions

find/feature, park/permit, pay/receive, enforce/tow – every interaction in real-time!


for asset owners based on business, parking space, listing, enforcement citations, etc.

Our World Supports Everyone’s Parking Enablement

Introducing Roker PLUS – a Hardware-agnostic Solution, leveraging Proprietary IP to address the needs of Governments, Institutions, Businesses, and Real-estate owners with Registrations, Listings, Space Management, Enforcements, and more.

Roker for Government

Revolutionizing parking and enforcement that will converge with global smart city initiatives.

Roker for Institutions

Revolutionizing parking and enforcement that will converge with global smart city initiatives.

Roker for Businesses

Revolutionizing parking and enforcement that will converge with global smart city initiatives.

Smart Mobility Possibilities – Serviced Under Roker PLUS

Going The Extra Mile With Curb Management

True to our mission of finding Smart Urban Spaces, Roker PLUS transforms Curb Spaces to Smart Spaces for supply fleets and on-demand driver’s requirements. The result is less congested streets and simplified curb-space accessibility for short-duration parking.

Ecosystem That Powers The Roker PLUS Drive

Permit Management

A comprehensive solution to design, manage and administer almost all permit category requirements.

Violations & Compliance

Empowers an organization’s ability to authenticate users and adhere to compliances.


Encapsulates the lifecycle of parking enforcement, tickets, payments, appeals and adjudication.

Mobile Payments

Designed for enabling secured payments, integrated with industry-leading payment services.

The Roker App – Digital Marketplace Simplifying Individual Parking

Even a single parking space can be leveraged for leasing out and used by those in the vicinity. No wonder, for citizens with parking space and commuters, Roker App is the one-digital-stop.

  • Register via the app. Register your vehicles/spots.
  • Smartly apply for parking permits, pick parking slots, and pay.
  • Single dashboard for users offering a unified view of profile view, permits, passes, alerts, etc.
  • Smart dashboard for admin/owners with updates on latest stats, permit approval requests, parking spots, user fines for violations, etc.
  • Secured Payment on the go with integrated payment app and choice of transactions with your preferred payment mode.

Roker has now joined SP+ as a new addition to its Technology Platform. Roker advanced capabilities supporting large universities and municipal clients, with a focus on permitting as a SaaS platform and License Plate Recognition (LPR) enforcement, further enhances the already robust Technology product offerings.

Why We Take Pride In Roker As The Future Of Parking

  • State-of-art application architecture (on AI, Cloud solutions, Blockchain, IoT, and AR) to empower its transactional nature
  • Portal and application accessible through all market-leading browsers across all categories of devices
  • Articulated around the best technology development and the right software engineering designs
  • Platform is founded on the technical strength and industry expertise of product engineering leaders

SP+ ( develops and integrates industry-leading technology with best-in-class operations management and support to deliver mobility solutions that enable the efficient and time-sensitive movement of people, vehicles, and personal travel belongings. With over 20,000 team members located throughout North America and Europe, SP+ is committed to providing solutions that make every moment matter for a world on the go.

Technology First Approach – Backing Our Claim

Cloud Native









Partners Strengthening Our Tech Foundation

Smart Urban Spaces And Positive Clients Reviews

“The technology upon which the ROKER software is built produces a solid platform.”

-The Car Park

“ROKER's platform provides our team with a set of parking management tools that are easy to use and allow us to generate additional revenue.”

- Precise ParkLink (West),Canada

The Impact Roker Has Made Already

Developing a Permit
Manager and Violation
Management System

City of Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

Monetizing and Enforcing a Museum’s After-hours Parking Space

Las Vegas, Nevada

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Let’s Find Your Simplified Parking In Smart Urban Spaces

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