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Parking Management

Roker PLUS Platform

From the listing of individual driveways, real-time search and renting of parking spots, to automated tracking, payments, citations, and enforcements – Roker PLUS brings several aspects of parking management under one single robust platform.

A single ecosystem that integrates multiple Roker solution modules allowing seamless and successfully managing of parking inventory.

Digitized parking experiences with a combination of hardware and software applications powered by AI, Blockchain, and other technologies.

Unifies every aspect of parking management, allowing commercial, governmental, and residential clients to eliminate costs and complications related to multiple activities.

Distinct Tech Features Driving Roker PLUS Functions

Cloud-Native Application Ecosystem

  • AWS Cloud with SaaS
  • AWS Hosted Private Cloud
  • Robust recovery point objective (RPO) and recovery time objective (RTO) with 99.5% uptime and availability

Blockchain-enabled Secured Payments

  • Smart wallet and smart tokens
  • Smart contracts for business decisions
  • Blockchain transaction log
  • Certificate of authenticity with blockchain hashed contracts

Artificial Intelligence Driving Automation

  • Pricing recommendation engine
  • Analytics to support operational decisions
  • AI-driven license plate recognition (LPR) system

IoT For Hardware Connectivity

  • Integration with cameras
  • Integration with barricades/gates, parking counters, etc.

Differentiating Milage Against Similar Applications

Low adoption and startup costs

Built on the Cloud, Roker PLUS provides cost efficiencies, with low monthly fees and a ‘usage-based’ model for customer engagement success.

Rapid implementation

With a pre-configured permit, violation, and citation system, a parking management system is enabled at a rapid pace for independent operations.

One solution with multi-modules

Developed as an operating system for complete parking management and has an all-encompassing solution that integrates multiple systems.

Industry-first mobility platform for permits

Besides a web portal, the permit system is accessible on App (available on iOS and Android) – enabling applying for parking permits and completing documentation with ease.

Four Modules Focused On Functionalities

Enabling smart permit generation with Permit Management

Redefining violation tracking and compliance processing with Violation Management

Making enforcement activities real-time and less tedious with Violation & Enforcement Module

Making parking payments seamless and secured with Roker Pay

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