Giving A New Paradigm To

Traditional Enforcements

If the prospect of maintaining traffic rules and on-road safety seems to be a daunting task, parking rules and regulations are a different level of challenge altogether, with major cities in the US having complicated parking norms. In such cases, minor infringements keep occurring, adding to the woes of both the violator and the parking asset owner. To ease the overall user experience for both parties, and the functions of the enforcement agencies, automation in ticketing, towing, and enforcement citations is the answer. Roker PLUS delivers this, connecting everything under one umbrella.

Turnkey Model That Transforms Parking Enforcement

Roker, partnering with its network companies, brings hardware and software solutions to streamline parking violation enforcement programs easing the administrative functions of city officials and enforcement authorities.

Here, Roker PLUS enables the automation of system administration and back-office and customer service functions: including citation processing, noticing, payment processing, adjudication support, and payment collections. On the other hand, the Enforcement App enables ticketing in real-time to violators.

The Roker PLUS Parking Violation & Enforcement Module

The parking violation and enforcement module encapsulate the complete lifecycle of parking enforcement, tickets, payments, appeals, and adjudication. A significant feature of this module is the ability to auto-enforce any of the enforcement systems such as parking violations, speed violations, and traffic signal violations.

Functional Scope Under The Module’s Feature

  • Enforcement and violations data management
  • Ticket lifecycle management
  • Notice letters workflow and management
  • Tickets balance sheet for financial reconciliation
  • Appeals and adjudication process workflow
  • Compatibility with industry-leading enforcement devices

The Roker Enforcement Application For Field Applications

Besides back-office administration, the field application enforcement is also streamlined by Roker. The Roker App is a leading enforcement solution allowing parking asset owners to track and request enforcements and the enforcement officers to issue tickets and warnings to violators in real-time. Its functionalities allow:

Tickets and warning issuance

License plate recognition

Digital tire chalking

Vehicle inventory management

Mobile payment meters

Real-time violation sync

Geolocation tagging

Capture evidence using a camera

Benefits That Become A Reality With Roker In Force

Automated reports and KPI tracking of violations and enforcements help records keeping and analytics.

Commercial, governmental, and residential clients can track parking rule infractions and request enforcements.

Improves overall experience of enforcement and citation management for owners, violators, and enforcement officials.

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