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From San Jose to Minneapolis no two cities have the exact same parking regulations. While the differences might be subtle, a humongous effort goes in ensuring the adherence to parking compliances. The manual tracking of compliances and their infringement is a challenging task for parking asset owners and enforcement authorities. Fortunately, technology advancement is redefining this, with handheld monitoring devices to completely automated applications for efficient tracking and recording of violations. At Roker, we make these more accessible, with a mobile-first operational solution for asset owners and parking enforcement agencies.

Compliance Processing & Violation Tracking – Redefined

Roker PLUS brings an integrated system to facilitate the operational aspects of compliance management, with the Roker Identity and Access Management module. The module handles data in ways that are compliant with state wise-applicable laws, regulations, and standards. When it comes to violation, the Parking Violation & Enforcement Module enables to automate the tracking, updating, and enforcement systems.

The Roker PLUS Identity & Access Management Module

The Roker IAM module offers a single sign-on (SSO) through its identity and access management and is designed to empower an organization’s ability to authenticate users and adhere to compliance requirements using multi-factor authentication (MFA).

Highlighting The Module-specific Features

  • Connect with Security Assertion Markup Language (SAML)-based active directory
  • Connect with OpenID-based active directory.
  • Connect with OAuth 2.0 (Social Media) based active directory
  • Connect with major Cloud providers (AWS, Azure) active directory for Single Sign On and Multi Factor Authentication

Roker PLUS Parking Violation & Enforcement System

Enforcement management can become a streamlined process for driveway owners and city enforcement agencies. Explore how the Parking Violation and Enforcement module realizes this – from integration into enforcement devices to a mobile-ready enforcement app.
Enforcement with Roker PLUS

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