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How Roker Supports The Growth of Urban Mobility

By November 8, 2021Blog

Some of the biggest cities in the world are growing rapidly, which is causing many challenges for city planners. From traffic congestion to transport delays, there is a pressing need to improve mobility in these urban spaces, which will reduce potential accidents and CO2 emissions at the same time.

What is urban mobility?

Urban mobility promotes movement through different means of transportation and enables a population to access a city with ease. The use of cloud-based analytics is becoming much more prevalent, with the goal of offering an end-to-end solution for smart city initiatives across the globe. Roker is a window to the future of urban mobility, delivering convenience, and flexibility when it comes to various facets of parking management.

Why does it matter?

Urban mobility combines two major trends — growing populations and the use of technology in our everyday lives. This integrated approach is one that many sustainable cities are willing to adopt because it boosts mobility through smart technology. By creating an intelligent system that can share information around where vehicles are located, cities can better understand mobility patterns, which can create more efficient parking systems, reduce congestion, and save resources and time. There are multiple, independent micro-mobility solutions available on the market today such as payments, parking management, and enforcement. Roker, however, combines each of these stand-alone features into one integrated parking management platform, allowing parking asset owners and individuals to collaborate, monetize, and consume parking space with efficiency and longevity. 

How can Roker support urban mobility?

Roker provides efficient parking management 

From permits to violations and everything in between, Roker enables parking operators to have better visibility and control over their facilities. Our platform enables the full digitization of parking permit management to efficiently manage high volumes of permit requests, approvals, renewals, and waitlists. We offer a comprehensive solution to empower organizations to authenticate users and ensure they are being compliant, while also improving customer service through an easy-to-use SaaS permit management system. Roker supports seamless permit authorization for registered vehicles to gain instant access in and out of a facility.

Roker enables secured payments

Integrated with industry-leading payment services, Roker’s features support organizations and their parking operators, while providing more convenient payment options for parkers. As part of our Roker PLUS platform, we also offer RokerPay, a Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) compliant service designed to support different types of merchants, cards, and payment methods. Our platform also interfaces with external parking meters and online registration services to easily record and track payments, while making it easier for parkers to be compliant. 

Roker makes parking more accessible

As traffic in urban areas continues to increase, so does the demand for parking near residential and commercial areas. As a result, there has been a noticeable rise in violations due to unauthorized parking in areas where parking supply isn’t able to keep up with high demand. At Roker, our mission is to increase the availability of parking for municipalities, governments, educational institutions, and businesses and maintain a steady flow of mobility in growing cities. Our platform gives drivers the ability to reserve and pay for parking ahead of time so that they don’t have to waste time searching for a vacant spot nearby. As well, we aim to improve access to curbside parking for greater accessibility to street-level businesses and residential areas. 

At Roker, we believe the future of urban mobility begins today. Through our mobile app and RokerPLUS platform, we deliver a sustainable smart city system that is predicated on effective parking management for municipalities, governments, educational institutions, businesses, and parking asset owners. As a result, we aim to improve the parking experience for all stakeholders, reduce traffic congestion and promote safer, more efficient roads across all urban cities. To learn more, contact us today.

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