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What’s for dinner? A thriving restaurant scene brings towns revenue . . .

By July 18, 2022Uncategorized

We have all had the experience, we stare into the kitchen after a long day and instantly know we are not going to touch that stove.  “Let’s go out tonight.” “Where do you want to go?” “I don’t know.” “What are you in the mood for?” “Not cooking . . .  what are you in the mood for?” “I don’t know . . .” ”Well, let’s go to ____, there are a lot of choices so something will jump out.”

    We have long known that more restaurants and cafes in a condensed rather than cannibalizing same foot traffic become a destination zone driving higher revenue and customer visits. This encourages development of small-town squares and downtown districts across the country.  The focus of development on being defined as a destination by locals and visitors can be key to revitalization of those spaces left by suburban flight, urbanization, and the rise of mega-retail spaces.  The balancing act of developing a thriving destination district is balancing the traffic flow and accessibility in areas that were never designed for such volume.  Larger vehicles with fewer passengers per car, the will to drive longer distances for positive experiences, and the continuously rising numbers of diners eating out multiple days per week all can add up to negative traffic and parking experiences.  If not handled with timely solutions, the bottlenecks and frustrations can lead to a diminished foot traffic and an endangered zone.  Technology and some creative thinking can bring new solutions without the large capital output that can be prohibitive.  Roker focuses on technology best practices and creative problem solving to innovate your parking situation and ensure that the dinners keep rolling in.  Keep your community thriving and growing.  Contact Roker to talk through your unique situation and goals and let us help make them a reality. 

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