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Holiday Events

By July 8, 2022Uncategorized

An invitation to celebrate your community or a cautionary tale?

We all hold onto memories of ice cream, fireworks, hot dogs, bands, parades and all the excitement of holiday events in our communities. They are meaningful shared experiences that bring neighbors together as well as inviting visitors in to see the best of our community. Street fairs, cultural celebrations, and holiday events can raise outside interest in your town and bring in needed tax dollars. The experience can last far beyond the event, with a long-term identity as a ‘destination spot’ supporting the growth of local businesses. To achieve all this there is planning of traffic patterns, support services, and emergency personnel among other numerous details. One of the first, and often defining experiences for both the local community and those outside visitors that can bring so much needed revenue, is an effective parking strategy. The time spent in the car circling endlessly to find available parking can make or break the experience. From adding to the sense of traffic density to the balancing equation of event enjoyment versus the frustration of access, overall impressions and future behaviors can be made while stuck in the car staring at the red brake lights in front of you.

While for many communities building more parking is prohibitive, there are practical solutions available to make your events more inviting and successful. Roker has cost effective tools and innovative solutions to make those events shine. Connect with us to ensure you keep your local community and your invited visitors spending their time and energy at your event and in your local businesses and not in their car staring at the red.

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