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Urban Mobility

Sustainable Urban Mobility Planning has been a significant focus area for city officials across major cities, and effective management of parking space has proved to be a game-changer to this agenda. Yet, it has been one of the most underwhelming elements of the urban mobility initiatives. At Roker, we are aiming to change that.

Urban Mobility

The Focal Point Of Our Mission

Day by day, the traffic in metropolitan and urban spaces is increasing, and the demand for parking spaces is also on the rise. The outcome is inconsiderate parking, rising violations, enforcements followed by general inconvenience. While federal agencies and business entities are coming up with answers, independent solutions and increasing parking space by them is only a job half done.

We believe that the future of Urban Mobility starts today with an ecosystem of Smart Urban Spaces. It has become our mission to make this available for city officials, governing bodies, institutions, businesses, and individuals. We’re realizing this by redefining the current parking system.

Why Parking Management Is A Decisive Driver Of Urban Mobility

A sustainable smart city ecosystem can be pillared on efficient parking management, resulting in safer drives, lesser congestion, etc.

Better acceptance ratio amongst the end-users compared to alternatives like road pricing, tolls, etc.

Limited invasion of public spaces, heritage sites, as parking management allows smarter use of available spaces.

With better availability of spaces, curb management, etc. the local economy flourishes due to parking management.

Enforcements are more systematic without the unnecessary harassment of vehicle users.

Helps establish a secure and transparent revenue stream for municipal authorities. The returns of which can be invested in other mobility initiatives.

Roker – Providing Smart Urban Spaces For Smarter Mobility

Explore how the Roker PLUS platform connects these advantages under one ecosystem, operationalizing them for government agencies, educational institutions, and businesses.

The Roker PLUS Platform

Explore how the Roker App enables parking management as the online marketplace for listing, sourcing, securing, and availing parking spaces for individual commuters and owners.

The Roker App

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