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According to a report by USA Today, a driver spends 17 hours a year on average to find a suitable parking space. And it’s not just the time that’s wasted but also fuel, costs, and otherwise productive hours. The Roker Consumer Mobile Application (simply the Roker App) is poised to transform this pain into a gain for commuters and motorists looking for a suitable parking space and for individuals who want to list their private driveways.

Roker App – The Next Generation Digital Parking Marketplace

Roker Application is the one-stop solution for individuals to find parking spaces in real-time and for parking asset owners to monetize their driveways for parking. The consumer app connects motorists to available parking spaces in the vicinity, listed by individuals using the app or by companies/civic authorities/institutions, saving time, fuel, and the hassles of traditional parking ticketing and permits.

How Roker Is Five Steps Ahead Of Traditional Parking Systems


Adding and listing of private parking spaces happens in three easy steps, enabling owners to host their space seamlessly.


Parking asset owners/managers can set the rules, amenities, available operating hours, and charges in their parking space.


Special deals and favorite history available besides listed parking areas, ease the parking search for commuters.


QR code, generated for gated communities through the app, allows easy access to parking in gated areas.


From listing to sourcing available space to booking permits and payments – everything happens in real-time from one single source – the Roker App.

Key Features Of Roker Outshining Similar Applications

The Mobile App structure is seamless as the web portal allowing users to access every functionality.

AI-first approach enables to optimize price for the parking asset owner based on current search demand and transaction data.

Various user KPI’s, activities, information, and navigation are available on the dashboard, easing decision-making for users searching for parking spots.

Directly accessible User Guide/Help eases the user experience of asset owners managing their Roker dashboard.

Multiple channels for user registration and unique seller functions like the ability to create blackout periods on parking facilities.

Detailed reports provide intelligence surrounding parking facilities, rates, bookings, enforcement, etc.

The Benefits Of Smarter Utilization Of Parking Space

  • Improved occupancy and utilization of seller’s available parking asset.
  • Ease of search, permits, and payments improve the parking experience of motorists.
  • Enables the generation of 30%+ revenue for sellers with optimized pricing suggestions

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