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The Benefits of a SaaS Parking Solution

By October 8, 2021October 12th, 2021Blog

Say goodbye to large, upfront costs, and long-term commitments, and say hello to simple, reliable, and affordable parking solutions. 

SaaS, also known as “software as a service”, is a cloud-based software solution that allows companies in any industry to provide access to applications over the internet. These software solutions can provide an abundance of benefits compared to traditional software products.

Being cloud-based, SaaS companies can offer subscription-based access with low startup costs, minimal hardware, and NO long term commitments. SaaS solutions typically require no software installation with easy deployment, automated software updates, and easy accessibility for users via web browser or app. 

When it comes to parking, SaaS solutions give organizations a cost-effective opportunity to improve efficiencies in parking management and enforcement, promote compliance, and increase revenue.

No Long Term Commitment & Flexible Add-ons 

As your business grows, your SaaS solution grows with you. SaaS is generally made available through a cancellable at any time monthly subscription, which is selected based on a customer’s preferred features. In the case of parking, going the SaaS route allows organizations to have a customized solution that supports their specific parking needs, with the flexibility to add or eliminate features as they grow. 

Easy to Use 

SaaS products are easy to install and use, and can be accessed via mobile or handheld device. Through a simple log-in, users can gain access to all the software’s features and retrieve real-time information. This makes it especially practical for parking administrators and enforcement officers who need actionable information to streamline their parking processes, gather vehicle data, and issue violations quicker and more effectively. The start-up process is also simple enough to implement when a new administrator or officer joins the team, which allows them to start their job and learn the process at a faster pace. 

Low Setup Fees or Installation Costs

Legacy parking technologies can often come with large set-up fees and installation and maintenance costs. With SaaS, users can conveniently access the software via website or app on any mobile device at a low monthly subscription cost. This is especially beneficial for businesses with smaller or constrained budgets that are looking for ways to drive efficiencies and improve their overall parking strategy. 

Low Maintenance 

SaaS providers are always looking for ways to simplify and improve their products. Given that the software is cloud-based and hosted by the service provider, all software updates are automated, saving businesses the hassle of testing out updates and implementing them across their teams. In the case of enforcement officers who are mobile and operating in various locations, SaaS solutions ensure that all systems are updated cross-functionally in a timely manner.

Roker delivers SaaS solutions that increase efficiency and promote better performance as it relates to parking enforcement and management in any organization. Our products are designed to help customers create efficiencies, increase revenue, reduce costs, and deliver exceptional service. To learn more about our parking technology software, contact us

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