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Roker Monthly: The Latest in Urban Mobility

By November 23, 2021Blog

Many large urban cities across the globe are in what we call a “transitional” state. Innovative technology is igniting more efficient ways of driving, parking, and connecting with residents, which is actively building smarter, more sustainable cities. Read the latest news to discover how urban mobility is becoming a priority in cities across the globe.

Rekor’s Waycare Subsidiary Wins CES Innovation Award in the Smart Cities Category

On November 18, Rekor announced that its Waycare subsidiary was recognized for being one of the most innovative companies in consumer technology due to its proactive approach in transforming traffic management operations. Read more about this remarkable award and how Waycare continues to pave the way for smarter mobility. 

The pandemic’s silver linings for smart cities 

For many smart cities, COVID-19 restrictions obligated city planners and organizations to quickly adopt newer and smarter strategies in a strategic way. From contactless payment to digital touchpoints, the way we travel around the city is becoming much more convenient, efficient and faster. Read more about how the recent pandemic has made a favorable impact on the growth of smart cities worldwide. 

Smart city infrastructure investment to reach $375 billion by 2030

According to ABI Research, current concepts of urban living and infrastructure are neither sustainable nor scalable. By 2030, it’s anticipated that a great investment in transformative solutions will be driven by a new vision of urban mobility and lead to more sustainable smart cities. Read more about how this investment will transform the way we commute and the possibilities it introduces for the parking industry. 

Connectivity: The fundamental ingredient of a successful smart city 

The future of smarter cities relies on the success of centralized solutions that enable better data sharing and connectivity. Without this, smart cities are essentially unable to operate at their full potential. Read more about why data sharing and connectivity serve as the foundation for more effective urban planning and smart city solutions. 

Smart city evolution: How cities have stepped back from a ‘tech arms race

Previously cities were focused on implementing the latest smart technology, however, they didn’t always fully meet the needs of residents. Now, city planners are shifting their focus on building smart city solutions that drive efficiency, while addressing the needs of residents at the same time. Read more to learn how cities are taking a resident-first approach to enhance urban mobility in their cities. 

At Roker, our platform is designed to support city planners and parking operators as they move with the wave of urban mobility. Look out for our Roker Monthly updates to learn the latest in urban mobility and parking news across the globe.  To learn more, contact us here.

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