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How Parking Technology Reduces Your Carbon Footprint

By November 3, 2021Blog

From traffic congestion to limited parking availability, vehicles are one of the largest contributors to North America’s greenhouse gas emissions. As a result of the recent pandemic, studies show that commuters are now less likely to take public transit to ensure health and safety. Therefore, we can expect more vehicles on the roads in the near future, higher demand for parking and an increase in carbon emissions across the board. The upside is that parking operators can be part of the solution and address this matter quite easily with smart parking technology.

It provides better parking guidance and minimizes unnecessary driving.

Today’s high-tech parking technologies allow operators to introduce parking guidance features into their lots. These features signal parkers toward vacant spaces by displaying the number of available spots and how to locate them. In turn, this successfully eliminates unnecessary driving from parkers and reduces traffic build-up. 

It helps vehicles park faster by reserving spots in advance. 

When parkers arrive at a stadium or venue, they typically navigate to the nearest parking lot to search for a free space. However, when thousands of other vehicles are doing the same thing, traffic, congestion (and carbon emissions) begin to increase. Parking operators can resolve this by allowing parkers to prepay for a reserved spot, all through a mobile app. This way, parkers can simply access their reserved spot without having to drive around aimlessly. Not only will this save time and frustration, but it will also significantly reduce emissions from a large number of vehicles.

It eliminates paper waste by offering a paperless alternative. 

Cloud-based parking tools offer paperless features such as eTicketing, contactless mobile payment and automated access control. This offers a safer, more efficient and greener alternative to physical tickets, money handling and printed permit cards. Not to mention, it also simplifies the job of enforcement officers by bringing the entire process virtual, with no physical paperwork required. 

At Roker, our suite of cloud-based software-as-a-service (SaaS) tools make parking enforcement and compliance easier, all through the convenience of our mobile app. Our software is designed to help organizations of all sizes address daily parking challenges, all while contributing to the health and safety of our environment and surrounding communities. 

To learn more about how we can help, contact us here.

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