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How Parking Technology Can Simplify Your City’s eTicketing Requirements

By December 15, 2021Blog

Hand-written parking violation notices are hard to manage, which has made collecting fines more difficult, increased errors, and wasted valuable time among enforcement officers and administrators. In an effort to address this, many municipalities across North America have been introducing an eTicketing requirement in the parking industry. Having a technology-based parking software will not only simplify eTicketing, but also drive efficiencies, promote better compliance, and improve the overall experience for managers, administrators, enforcement officers, and parkers. 

Issue violations in real-time 

Parking technology makes eTicketing issuance easy and cost-effective, while promoting greater compliance. When violations are issued, the technology will, in real time, record and store all the necessary vehicle data in a centralized database for future reference. Enforcement software allows License Plate Recognition technology, or manual input of the plate to the mobile device,  to enable officers to issue violations through their handheld device in real time with more accuracy and an image of the license plate on the printed violation; minimizing errors and disputes.

Collect payments easily and without dela

Parking software easily integrates with meter terminals, mobile payment, and Permit Management software, which allows the enforcement officer to understand in real time who is in violation. The software allows the public to make payment of violations simple and straightforward through a secure online payment portal directed to your Merchant/Bank account. Administrators have a real time line of sight to the entire violation lifecycle, from issuance and  payments, to notices and disputes. Overall compliance and revenue flow increases, while operational costs and frustrations decrease.

Gain access to parking data and analytics

As mentioned, parking software provides enforcement officers and administrators access to key parking data and analytics which enables them to make well-informed decisions. For instance, it allows enforcement officers to keep a pulse on parking activity, maintain records of repeat violators, and immediately identify unauthorized vehicles and those with permits in a given location. This information allows administrators to easily identify and understand where to most efficiently deploy resources or make changes to rates, procedures, or processes. 

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