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A Look at Some of the Most Unique Parking Facilities Worldwide

By April 8, 2022Blog

Parking facilities have transformed from somewhere to leave your vehicle to innovative spaces with advanced parking technology. Drivers are not only looking for a parking spot but for convenience, proximity, comfort, safety, and more effortless ways to make payment. Over the last decade, institutions have adopted IoT, SaaS, and other smart parking software in their well-designed lots to enhance parking management within their facilities.

Across the world, enterprises are beginning to see how important it is to maintain and bring innovation into their parking facilities. Commercial parking garages and spaces have stepped up their game with unique designs and technologies, and we at Roker want to discuss our top five favorite lots globally.

These unique parking lots and garages elevate the form to new heights. The facilities listed below are not only able to accommodate sufficient parking spots for their visitors but provide much more.

Civic Center Parking Garage in Santa Monica, California

The first LEED-certified parking garage, the Civic Center Parking Garage, is an eco-friendly facility constructed with recycled source materials.

Stadsberget in Piteå, Sweden

There’s no need for snowy hills because the Strasberg includes a sledding hill among its amenities. Not to mention, an amphitheater to keep people entertained.

Car Silos at the Autostadt In Wolfsburg, Germany

Is it an automotive-themed amusement park? A car museum? A driving course? All three are contained within a 20-story silo at The Car Silos at the Autostadt.

1111 Lincoln Rd in Miami, Florida
The 1111 Lincoln Rd. lot, which is naturally illuminated and has a panoramic view of Miami, provides an unparalleled parking experience by mixing residential and commercial assets such as stores, event spaces, a penthouse, and more.

Underground Garage in Katwijk aan Zee, The Netherlands

The only components of this garage visible above ground are the entrances and exits built in the Netherlands

More parking facilities are adopting the nontraditional route. Although providing a location for vehicles to discover and pay for parking is critical, this doesn’t rule out the possibility of these lots being both experimental and functional in regular use. 

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