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Why Roker?

Strong Engineering & AI Foundation Of The Founding Companies

The success of Roker is pillared on the strong business and technology foundation of its founding companies – two established brands, Rekor Systems, and Cygnet Infotech.

Rekor’s ability to develop AI-driven business intelligence solutions and the product engineering capacity of Cygnet Infotech was instrumental to the Roker PLUS platform architecture and the technology it leverages. Built on the expertise of the leadership and engineering teams of the two, Roker stands out as a proven solution for Smart Urban Spaces and Smarter cities.

Best Of Both – Technology & Business Model

A pioneer of blockchain-based permits, payments, ticketing, and enforcement.

Platform leveraging the latest and emerging technologies like its License Plate Recognition system.

Offered as cloud-ready and an end-to-end and parking and space management platform.

Unique Crypto token-based payment solution for micro permits/micro transactions.

Scalable business model with low adoption cost and engagement based on transactions.

Increasingly adopted by universities and civic bodies for empowering smart city initiatives.

Proven Ecosystem Catering To Diverse End Users

Governments & Municipalities

Enforcement Authorities

Educational Institutions

Parking & Property Management Companies

Private Security & Patrol Agencies

Enterprises & SMBs

Transit Hubs – Airports, Railway Stations, Etc.

Any Individual Parking Asset Owners

Adept Solution Adopted By Noteworthy Clientele

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