The future of urban mobility starts with Roker.

At Roker, we believe the future of urban mobility begins today with an ecosystem of smart urban spaces. That’s why it’s our mission to refine the current parking system and make these spaces available for municipalities, governments, educational institutions, businesses and individuals.

Sustainable urban mobility planning is a key area of focus for cities, governments, and businesses, with effective parking management proving to be a game-changer for this agenda. Yet, it continues to be one of the biggest opportunities for improvement among urban mobility initiatives. At Roker, we are aiming to change that.

Every day, traffic in metropolitan and urban areas is increasing, along with the demand for parking spaces. As a result, there has been a noticeable rise in unauthorized parking, violations, a need for enforcement, and overall dissatisfaction among parkers. While federal agencies and business entities are coming up with solutions, increasing the amount of available parking space is only a job half done.

Powered by smart technology.


Leveraging Blockchain’s smart payment software, Roker delivers a secure and simplified solution to request, collect, and process payments. We also provide all users access to a transaction log of past and outstanding payments for better revenue management.

 AI Technology

Using AI technology, we optimize the pricing process for parking asset owners based on current search demand and transaction data. It serves as a responsive tool that delivers key analytics to make smarter pricing predictions, while allowing owners to automate the task of monetizing their resources.

Edge & Cloud Computing

Roker uses edge and cloud computing to automate the entire enforcement cycle through our platform. From permit management and ticket issuance to distributing violation notices, this technology allows us to empower users to easily enforce parking and collect data in a matter of seconds.

Getting started is simple.

Roker makes it possible for organizations large and small to step into the future of urban mobility. Using smart technology, our unique products make it simple to easily introduce automated enforcement, parking, and permit management into your organization at a low cost.

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