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future of urban mobility.

Who is Roker?

Roker is driven to bring the world into the future of urban mobility. Cities are constantly growing, the way we get around is changing and we are here to make this transition easier and better for everyone. Our cloud-based platform is designed to simplify the way we manage and enforce parking. Roker provides every customer, regardless of size, the opportunity to resolve real parking challenges in their day-to-day operations. Using the power of smart technology, we’ve made it possible for operators in nearly every industry to better control their parking assets with real-time insights to drive continuous growth.

Our History

Roker was built on the foundation of strong business expertise and smart technology features through its founding companies, Rekor Systems and Cygnet Infotech. Rekor’s ability to develop AI-driven business intelligence solutions combined with the product engineering capacity of Cygnet Infotech was pivotal to the development of our future-focused parking platform.

How Roker Works For You


Powered by smart technology such as License Plate Recognition, Blockchain, and Advanced AI/ML


An affordable and scalable model that easily integrates and grows with your organization.


Access to a team of leading experts providing exceptional customer service and 24/7 support.

Digital Payment

Enables digital and Crypto token-based payment options.

Serving Clients Across the Globe

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