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Driving smart urban mobility in every industry.

At Roker, we believe the future of urban mobility is a landscape of smart urban spaces. Our cloud-based features use innovative technology to help various industries optimize their parking resources and systems to be more efficient, sustainable, and responsive. Roker’s all-in-one platform introduces smarter parking solutions to build smarter cities across the globe.

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Our Markets


Roker is here to enhance public transport systems to modernize the way we travel. Our platform can be used by major transportation hubs like airports and train stations to simplify the parking experience with better traffic control, improved management, and more convenience.


Roker supports large institutions such as hospitals, universities, and colleges in their quest to achieve better parking management. Our smart tools enable greater access control through digital permit capabilities, while promoting more equitable use of parking resources among staff, visitors, and students.


We give businesses the tools to deliver a seamless parking experience with easier and more equitable access to parking resources. Roker also gives businesses the opportunity to monetize their parking assets and drive greater revenue growth.

Parking Operators

Roker brings greater efficiency to parking management enforcement by helping operators optimize underutilized parking spaces and generate new revenue streams. Our platform also reduces operational costs with key features like License Plate Recognition to enhance the safety and security of facilities.


Roker empowers governments and cities to automate the violation management process. From ticket issuance and appeals to overdue notices and payment, our platform easily integrates with government systems to collect vehicle owner information, create, and issue letters and manage this entire lifecycle digitally.

Drive into the future of smart urban mobility. Let Roker take you there.

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