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Until the pandemic, the rising number of students and a subsequent increase in the ownership of passenger cars had posed a serious problem for universities such as congestion, interruption in pedestrian movement, noise pollution, curb space mismanagement, etc. With the world returning to normal, universities and major institutions need to be efficient with their parking management, making better use of available parking assets. Roker can take it a step ahead and help to optimally monetize these.

How Roker’s The Answer For Institutions & Universities

  • The Roker PLUS platform helps the university administrative body to simplify varied parking management functions such as Parking, Citation, Financials, Enforcements, etc.
  • Leveraging the Roker App, individuals like students, faculty, visiting faculties, and others can manage Permit Booking, Payments, Citations, Online Support, etc.
  • Platform portals with role-based access enable university officials to have better visibility over parking management, besides easy reporting.

Functions That Admin Staff And Users Find Simplified

Permit Booking and Approvals
Secure Payments and Payment Collections
Parking Space Monitoring
Dispute Management
Enforcement and Citation Management
Online Support

Modules Purposed To Promote A Safer Campus

Our platform leverages web-based and mobile applications to bring an efficient parking management system for universities, fostering student safety and the quality of on-campus living.

Web Portal

as a Public and Admin Portal to enable user-specific and university-specific functions

Enforcement Application

a dedicated mobile and application based enforcement solution for authorities and university administrative teams

Mobile Application

for the individual users like university students, teachers, other visitors to quickly address permit and parking needs

Institutions Benefits From Redefined Parking Management

Safer and better campus experiences for everyone with managed parking

A new revenue stream for university authorities to benefit from

Cost-savings due to better parking monitoring and enforcement system

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