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At Roker, we believe that parking management is the bridge to the future of urban mobility. To this end, our mission is to assist parking operators in every industry to better control their parking assets and respond quickly to the needs of our changing world.

Standing at the edge of innovation, we have designed a cloud-based platform that delivers an all-in-one solution to parking, enforcement, permit, and violation management. Our vision is to deliver AI-driven parking tools that create smart urban spaces and in turn, smart, sustainable cities across the globe.

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One Single Platform. Powered By Innovation.

We’ve brought everything to the cloud and designed an end-to-end digital parking platform so you can manage every part of the process, all in one place.

Permit Management

Roker allows you to better manage high volumes of permit requests and approvals, all in one place.

Mobile App

Our Consumer app gives parking owners and drivers an online marketplace to list, source, and find parking spaces in real time.

Violation Management Service

Manage the entire ticket lifecycle from any enforcement solution, with the ability to collect and review real-time vehicle data.


We fully automated the enforcement process so you can easily enforce and issue violations to better promote compliance.

Better parking for better possibilities. Everywhere.




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