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Parking assets at office spaces and business premises are often underutilized at best and dysfunctional at worst. Large enterprises require to change, digitize, and connect parking operations with their hardware and infrastructure to simplify employee parking. On the other hand, small and medium businesses, real-estate owners, and facilities can monetize unused parking spaces to boost revenue.

Roker Drives Efficiency Into Enterprise Parking Management

  • We digitize parking management and connect parking infra and hardware to enterprise systems for facility managers and teams to enable optimal usage of employee parking spaces.
  • Our platform integrates with enforcement authorities and partners of enterprises to make violation management more streamlined and efficient.
  • A better transient parking experience for visitors and a well-defined permit application and usage of alloted parking space by employees.

Small Businesses Monetize Space With Roker Support

Ability to monetize available parking asset for transient parking by individuals who use the Roker App.

Support of the platform admin module for better monitoring and citation for enforcement management.

Modules To Support Parking & Revenue Generation

Admin Portal

for business owners and enterprise facility managers for the ease of the owner-specific parking management functions

Enforcement Application

web-based enforcement solution for the admin to connect with enforcement authorities

Mobile Application

for individual users – employees requiring long-term parking solution and other individuals with transient parking needs

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